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What NOT to Pack on Road Trips with Kids

There are almost unending list of things you SHOULD bring when you have kids for your long-awaited road trip. We know, there's really A LOT of road trip essentials when you're with your children. Here's a list you may not bring:

Hard shell suitcases. Opt for the softer fabric to save space!

Too many toys for kids. Leave all the noisy toys at home. It could distract everyone in the car.

Umbrella. We never pack an umbrella for a road trip. Take a rain jacket instead. Check the weather in your destination.

Too many clothes and shoes. Pack less and make sure you can layer only when needed. So it's best to prepare and research before going.

Sweet food and drinks, or anything else that gives too much energy and makes their hands (and everything in the car!) sticky.

Too many food containers or other items that take a lot of space in your car.

Do you have any tips or packing essentials to share? Please feel free to leave a comment below!

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