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What NOT to do when Decluttering

There's a lot of actionable items when you want to start decluttering your space. But also be mindful of what NOT to do when you really, really want to harness the chaos in your home.

Do not buy containers yet.

Clean up first and then you'll know how many to buy and the actual sizes of containers to buy. You'll need to know because these containers will take up space after your decluttering.

Do not work on decluttering at once.

Schedule a time for each section to avoid burnout in cleaning especially when you have to do everything by yourself.

Do not procrastinate.

Focus is key when doing these tasks. Time is also of the essence.

Don't try to be 'picture perfect'.

I know it's the season of Konmari, but you are not Marie Kondo ;) Do not stress yourself on having an Instagrammable home; set it up in a way that works for you.

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