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What it's like to work full-time and be a mom

Can you really be the best of both worlds? Be full-time on your career while being a full-time mother at once? Here are some thoughts from working moms. Relate much? All we have is time, that's why every moment matters for us, right?

Women are undoubtedly amazing and inspiring. Between having children and handling work, they still manage to hold high-powered positions across different industries; they start their own businesses; they raise families. Here are some thoughts we often hear though:

It's just plain hard.

People may ask you: 'How do you do it all?' How do we really make it work? Maybe being flexible, managing your expectations, laugh at yourself sometimes and try to enjoy the little moments.

I love my work.

Some people may judge us why do we still work when we should be focusing on our home and kids. Why? Because we love to work and we want to use our abilities. Kudos!

I need a support network

Surround yourself with like-minded people. It could be your friends, mom circle, co-mothers at school. Without that support, it would be very difficult to do everything.

There is no such thing as balance.

There is a work-life harmony though but it could be hard to balance and keep yourself equally to your work, family, business,friends and to yourself.

Enjoy every moment.

Enjoy the littlest things - your annoying kid - because someday, he or she will grow up and probably won't bother you - your stressful work, because it's fun sometimes to tickle your mind - and most importantly - yourself - tomorrow is another day!

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