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10 Phone Apps for Moms You Should Install Right Now

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

As a new mom, juggling time looking after the baby and a little bit for yourself can be too much. Indeed, a little help can make a huge difference! With the latest technologies, have you ever thought about using your phone to assist you with your mommy duties? Here are some of the many parenting apps that could help you!

Baby Sleep Lullaby:

The app comes with 21 tunes that have been tested specifically to check if they are soothing for babies or not. It also features many cute and cuddly toys that will let your baby enjoy visual relaxation and soothe your crying little one.

Today’s Parent My Family:

The best baby tracking app for moms which will help you personalize relevant information according to your baby’s age and stage. Enter your baby’s age and you will get all the relevant information about your baby’s development at that particular stage.

WebMD Baby:

The app, as the name suggests, will let you have access to lots of useful and valuable information from the WebMD website, which contains a myriad of information that has been approved by doctors.

White Noise Baby:

As the name suggests, the app uses white noise specifically meant for your baby.

It has various sounds, from a vacuum cleaner to a ride in the car and many more that will help your baby connect to everyday sounds.

Baby Tracker Nursing App:

The app is an excellent way to keep a log of your baby’s breastfeeding schedule.

It is particularly useful if you have to share the details with your baby’s doctor or a lactation consultant.

Baby Bundle App:

The app will let you keep a track of all your baby’s day-to-day activities, like when she poops, sleeps, and so on. It even has a vaccination feature, which helps you track your baby’s vaccination routine.

Total Baby:

The app will help you to track most of your newborn’s daily things, such as the number of soiled diapers, feeding times, sleep hours, nap times and more. This is one of the best newborn apps for new mom to learn about her just born.

Milk Maid:

The app is particularly useful if you have started pumping milk for your baby.

You can calculate how much milk your baby is having through the day, or even through the week.

Mom Maps:

If you are traveling with your baby, the app will let you connect with all the baby-friendly places in town. You can look up parks, baby-friendly cafes, stores, restaurants, museums and other places approved by other moms.

Baby Pack And Go:

The app will help you pack your baby’s essentials on any trip, be it a short trip or an extended vacation. It features a packing and a travel checklist along with over a hundred baby-related items that you can customize as per your needs.

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