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'Must Have' Baby Items You Don't Really Need

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

When you're on a tight budget, maybe it's time to plan and stick for the essentials of your baby. Choose the most practical options that you think you and your baby will use until a certain age. Save money by skipping these items for baby.

Wipe warmer.

If it’s really cold, just warm it up between your hands for a few seconds. Baby will be just fine without warm wipes.

Tons of toys.

Until your baby is about a year old, they don’t need all those fancy gadgets and light-up toys. Save the time he or she will choose toys of their liking.


Until your baby is walking and make the actual use of it, you can skip the shoes. You may need one to warm the feet up but you don't need a lot.

Swings and bouncers

There are so many options for these today and they can get pricey! If you want, you can get one, but not both. It will be outgrown sooner than you think. This will also take up a lot of valuable floor space.

Fancy clothes

Babies grow fast (and in some cases super fast)! Choose practical items like onesies and sleepers instead of cute outfits and fancy dresses.

What are the baby items that you regret buying? Share in the comments!

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