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How to Survive Travelling with a Toddler in Tow

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

For parents, traveling isn’t always magical and perfect and can involve a lot of stress. But surely, there are some ways to make it less of a struggle.

Dress comfortably.

Especially if you’re on your own and without help, make use clothing that can manage to take off easily, can make it easier for you to run around and comfortable for you to wear while sleeping or nursing.

Pre-pack snacks.

It’s a great thing to have crackers within reach to tame the family’s hungry stomach even while waiting for the real food while in transit. You can also pack some apple slices, waffles hours before your travel.

Create a carry-on checklist

Bring a dependable carry on with you. Create a handy list where you can easily organize your packed diapers, clothes, toiletries and more necessities especially if you have babies.

Sweep the leg.

For long drives, it’s pretty usual when a toddler throws a tantrum right when you are trying to shove them into their seat. It's hard enough to get a child in the seat normally. Tip! Tickle the back of their knees until they plop right back down into the seat.

Scream sing yourself.

Sometimes, nothing you do seems to matter and your kid will just scream and scream in the backseat for miles and miles. Get the singalong started by channeling the singer you were born to be and hear over your rendition of “Old MacDonald.”

Get your child to sleep while traveling

Although sleeping away from home isn’t always easy for young children. One trick is to take familiar blankets and pillows. Taking your child’s blanket and pillow will help make wherever you’re staying feel more like home. Add their favorite toys, too!

With these ninja tips, get to your destination happy, as stress-free as possible and ready to enjoy the rest of your trip.

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