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What is Authoritative Parenting?

Authoritative parenting is a parenting style characterized by high responsiveness and high demands. Authoritative parents are responsive to the child’s emotional needs while having high standards. They set limits and are very consistent in enforcing boundaries.

Studies have found that preschoolers raised by authoritative parents:

  • Tend to be happy and content.

  • Are independent and self-reliant.

  • Develop good social skills.

  • Have good emotional regulation and self-control.

  • Express warmth and cooperate with peers.

  • Explore new environment without fear.

  • Are competent and assertive.

Characteristics of Authoritative parents:

  • Warm, attuned and nurturing.

  • Listen to the children.

  • Allow autonomy and encourage independence.

  • Reason with children instead of demanding blind obedience.

  • Set clear limits on behavior.

  • Consistently enforce boundaries.

  • Use positive discipline instead of punitive, forceful measures.

  • Earn, not demand, children’s respect.

What kind of parent are you? Are you one of the authoritative parents?

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