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6 Genius Organizing Tips for Busy Moms

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Clutter here, clutter there and it’s worse if you’re a busy bee with babies running around! It’s no wonder that keeping everything clean and organized is at the bottom of the priority list. The best strategy is to make a habit of spending small chunks of time tackling a specific area. Even 15 minutes will do! These essential organizing secrets will help you be on track and enable you to stay on top of life without being overwhelmed, so hopefully, they will help you!

Drop the ‘Mom Guilt’.

First of all, drop the so-called Mom guilt. Piling tasks and shrinking time of getting things done can make you realize you really can’t get everything done.

Make a to-do list. Writing out what you need to do each day can go a long way toward helping you get it all done. Choose the top three priorities per day, nothing is too small or too big. Do what you have to do and call it a day.

Do a last sweep every night

Before hitting the sack, spend five minutes in restoring your common areas. Toss some things back in their places, clear your couch, stack up to the paperwork, etc. The idea is to give at least your living room and kitchen, not picture-perfect but reasonably tidy. So when you wake up in the morning, you start it right from a good place.

Get a great tool to organize your stuff.

Buy a caddy. Transform it into a portable changing station, road trip organizer, arts & crafts tote, yarn & knitting supplies basket, and more! It must be super handy wherever you go.

Don’t let the mail pile up.

Open all your mail every night. The good news is that most of them are probably garbage.

Remember what matters.

Please remember what’s important and stop obsessing over little things that aren’t going to matter. Remember that you are doing the best you can do with everything that’s on your plate.

What are your present secrets you use to calm the chaos? Leave a comment!

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