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5 ways to get organized with Mimmo Caddy

We're often thinking of time-efficient easy ways to declutter to create a more comfortable living space. If you're thinking the same, we'll love to share 5 ways you can use the Mimmo Caddy so you look like a pro at organizing your home!⁠

✅ 1. As a mom with 2 kids, I definitely think a portable diaper station is useful! You can save space and carry in the caddy LOTS of diapers, wipes, diaper cream, hand sanitizer, baby lotion, spray bottle, changing pad, a blanket to change baby on, and toys to distract your little one. ⁠

✅ 2. Your knitting/crochet projects get more enjoyable when you can have your yarn stash within arm's reach. Keep small scissors, stitch markers, measuring ruler and tape, knitting needle gauge, yarn gauge guide in the side pockets, and yarns, books, darning needles in bigger compartments. Your space will look so neat and organized and pleasing to the eye!⁠ ⁠

✅ 3. The art of Journaling is a journey and Mimmo Caddy is the perfect companion to organize your notebooks, planners, drawing pens, stencils, fountain pens, felt-tipped pens, sharpies, colored pens, ruler, circle tool, paper adhesive, whiteout, stickers, washi tapes to keep your desk clutter-free while you pen your thoughts and get creative on your journal. ⁠

✅ 4. Convert your caddy to store your child's distance learning supplies (crayons, textbooks, notepads, stationery) so they don't take up your entire dining table or kitchen counter. Lesser time needed to put away things mean more quality time together!⁠ 🌟⁠

✅ 5. I love to work on arts and craft with my little girls. Now that they are older, the caddy is converted to a mini craft station with drawing books, crayons, coloring pencils, paintbrushes and paint and storybooks too so the girls can read or get creative whenever they want in the house. ♥️⁠

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