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5 Baby Room Ideas Even Adults Would Love

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Doesn’t it make the first year of a child a lighter one, especially for new and busy parents, to stay in a cozy, playful and stylish baby room? With the right combination of colors, patterns and complementing the furniture, nurseries can even be the favorite place of babies and their parents.

Keep the following things in mind in creating a safe and practical nursery for the family.

Don’t ignore the ceiling.

Patterns and contrasts are the most important ones for the babies, and where do they look up most of the time - it’s the ceiling. Put an accent to the ceiling like a nice noticeable pattern or color, too.

Find a good crib.

Try something modern or different, like an oval crib. When selecting, there are many new and modern designs to choose from. You can also consider one that converts into a baby’s first bed when a crib is outgrown or one that transforms into a playpen. Select furniture pieces that can evolve from a nursery to a teenager’s room. Think about furniture placement and safety as the baby starts getting mobile.

Add a dimmer to lighting.

It’s an easy project that will allow you to adjust the mood of the room as needed.

Add a comfortable area for adults, too. See? It’s also for you. You’ll spend time in the baby room sleeping or watching over the baby. Comfortable seating like sofa or daybed will be a good help.

Storage, storage, storage. I know, it’s incredible how many things a small baby needs. Create a combination of easy storage like cabinets, baskets, caddies, drawers where all the things your baby needs can be easily stored.

What’s your idea of a good nursery room?

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